Energy saving analysis of iron and steel enterprise energy consumption based on material flow

 Iron and steel joint enterprise is a complex iron coal chemical system, the steel production process is essentially the material flow in the energy flow of the drive and the role of the process network in accordance with a certain "procedures" in a dynamic and orderly operation. The energy consumption of typical iron and steel enterprise - Anshan influence factor analysis .

  shows that the research on material flow impact on energy consumption of iron and steel enterprises, and puts forward the energy saving measures, has important significance for the environmental friendly enterprises build a resource-saving and. This paper uses the theory of metallurgical process engineering and method of system energy conservation, re-examine the physical essence of the steel production process.

   the steel production system Abstract for the material flow process, analysis of material flow in steel production process, operation behavior, effect and action mechanism, to seek a new breakthrough for further energy saving and emission reduction of iron and steel enterprises the. Iron and steel enterprises of various materials along the path of the product life cycle flow to form a material flow (with iron flow as the main body). The material flow diagram of steel production unit, production process and iron and steel production process is constructed, and the input output model of material flow is established. Various sources of energy flow in the iron and steel enterprise to form energy flow along the path of conversion, use, recovery and discharge (in the form of carbon flow).

   The energy flow diagram of energy conversion unit, conversion process and conversion network is constructed, and the input output model of the energy flow is established. In the steel production process, analyzes the material flow of energy flow: energy flow to promote the change of material flow, excess energy flow or depend on the material flow into the next production process, or separation operation form of energy recovery independent conversion network. The higher the waste heat recovery of production processes, the more energy the process products into the next process, the higher the synergy degree of material flow and energy flow, the greater the synergy of the two, the lower the energy consumption of the relevant processes. In the process of product diversification, complex network of large joint ventures - Anshan, application of the material flow, 

     analyzes the influence of material flow on the operation mode of Anshan. The results showed that the Anshan Iron and steel complex process network makes the material flow cycle longer, continuous decrease, leading to the higher energy consumption per ton of steel, large energy saving potential. Take measures to optimize the material flow, and the comprehensive energy consumption per ton (excluding cold) decreased from 760.2kgce/t to 548.2kgce/t.